Class 8

Monthly Agenda 2021-22

ICT Fundamentals - Cyber Crimes and Laws: With a boom in the use of digital technologies in every field of life, everyone must be fully aware of the cyber crimes and the regulated national and international laws. The Bravians learn about the DOs and DON'Ts of the cyber world. 

Pixlr X: Advance level editing and designing is taught using an online platform Pixlr X, which offers a lot of interesting features but is user friendly. With a rich built in gallery of templates, the students can choose and design flyers, posters, brochures and many other useful artworks.

Python: BTSC has always strived hard to provide students with up to date technologies of the educational world. State of the art Robotics Labs were set-up across all our campuses last year and students enjoyed their introduction to the world of Lego Robotics. We were all set to touch new levels this session but unfortunately COVID -19 SOPs do not allow us to open labs. 

To fulfil the gap, we have designed a Python based module for our grade 7 students so their programming bit is covered till next year and they will be all ready to link it up with their constructed Robots and do wonders.

PhEt Simulation and Geogebra: Students are introduced to some of the biggest libraries of simulations for sciences and mathematics where they are unleashed to learn. Simulations are game based learning modules which offer the students to practice with any kind of inputs to see the results. GeoGebra is a tool to learn mathematics through interactive media and simulations. These kinds of media enhance the student learning and retention rates beyond any other audio/visual aid. 

MOOCs: Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs) are the new big thing in for future learners. The COVID-19 pandemic has also highlighted their importance and application in almost all fields of life. The students at this level are introduced to the world of MOOCs and different useful platforms where they can register to the courses of their interest and learn remotely.