Class 3

Monthly Agenda 2021-22

Our Agenda Timeline for Class 3 is as follows:

ICT Fundamentals - Input and Output Devices: Moving on with computing devices, the next step after knowing about hardware and software is to understand the classification of input and output devices. They are introduced to the devices as well as their functions.

Google Docs - English and Urdu Typing Practice:  Having practiced the basics of typing in Grade 2, now students are ready to start working on their own Documents. Typing skill will help them with a variety of assignments and also gives them a new platform to express themselves digitally. Our aim is to make them comfortable with typing of both languages, English and Urdu, so that they can work on assignments of both subjects with ease.


Google Slides: Presentation and communication skills are very important aspect of today's world. After introduction at Grade 2, students are now ready to work on more structured presentations. They will be working on different topics and will explore new tools along side each week. After going through the documentation, presentation and designing elements, students of grade 3 will be working on their problem solving skills. They will work through a series of stages where they will learn the basics of problem solving and coding.

Animoto: A fun online application that will let students create simple animations based on motion graphics. They will choose characters and environment and then motion paths to create simple but interesting animations.

Sketch Pad: Sketch Pad is an online app that will take the basic MS Paint experience to an enhanced level where students will have a variety of tools to bring out their creativity. Along with making pieces of art, the focus will be on upscaling their skill of using mouse (or touch) with various angles and combinations of buttons of the keyboard.