Class 6

Monthly Agenda 2021-22

Our Agenda Timeline for Class 6 is as follows: 

ICT Fundamentals - Cyber Ethics and Security:  Staying safe online is the right of every user so they must know the Ethics so that others stay safe from any intentional or unintentional offence. Learning about online security is also necessary for the students so that their online safety is ensured even when they are not being monitored by the elders. 

Google Sheets:  After working on designing and development of artworks and expressing themselves through blogging, students will be introduced to a rather subtle form of working that will enhance their mathematical skills. Sorting and analyzing large series of data becomes difficult so one should know and efficient way to do it. For our 6th graders, they will do it through Google Sheets.

Lucidpress:  Future entrepreneurs need to master branding and designing corporate identity for their own brands as well as for those they will work with. Lucid press provides a user friendly platform and a lot of templates which open vistas of design ideas for the students.

YouI Logo Creator: After working their way through MS Publisher last year, students explored the world of designing and made various projects from greeting cards, to bookmarks to fact sheets etc. Now is the time to introduce them to the world of brand identity. Everything designed and developed for market has a brand image attached to it and Logo is the basis of of a brand's identity. This online app will take students through the process of creating a logo and transferring it into a brand identity.

Wick Editor:  Gamification is a great way to learn programming and a number of other ICT skills which are high in demand now and will be in future. Wick Editor offers a very intuitive platform for youngsters to create pro level games and animations.