Class 1

Monthly Agenda 2021-22

Our Agenda Timeline for Class 1 is as follows:

ICT Fundamentals - Safe Usage of Internet:  With E-learning, students are spending more time online than before and therefore, it has become very important for them to be aware of the Dos and Don'ts of being online and using the internet. It is very important to talk to them and set some rules. Following video explains the safe usage of internet in a fun and engaging way:

English Typing: Our preschoolers are quite comfortable with handling mouse and touch devices and now since they have joined Grade 1, it is time to move on to some typing so they are better able to attempt their assignments and can take part in different types of activities. Every student has a unique learning pace. We encourage them to keep putting in efforts and practice the skill. Different activities are planned to make typing fun for our young learners. 


Urdu Typing: With emphasis on English typing, we also aspire our students to learn to type Urdu language so that they can attempt activities easily for their native Urdu subject as well. Urdu typing settings and software installation require parental guidance, but rest is very easy for our students to practice. 


Google Docs: Next on path to enhancing their ICT Skills, grade 1 students will be introduced to Google Docs, a word processing app which they will be using with their official school IDs. Learning Google Docs will open new genres of E-Learning for them and they will be equipped to attempt learning opportunities in a better way.


Google Slides: After getting them comfortable with the typing process, our young presenters are introduced to the interactive presentation software i.e. Google Slides. Initially they work collaboratively and understand the platform. Later on, they are trained to develop presentations on their own, ofcourse, keeping their level and expertise in mind.

Auto Draw: Towards the end, our students are given a rather relaxed mode and are given a free hand to explore and create artwork in an online tool i.e. Auto Draw.