Class 2

Monthly Agenda 2021-22

Our Agenda Timeline for Class 2 is as follows:

ICT Fundamentals - Hardware and Software:  Basic understanding of computing starts with the distinction of hardware and software components. The students are introduced with the computing devices and their parts and then how they function so that they know what is the role hardware and software.

Google Docs - English and Urdu Typing Practice:  Having practiced the basics of typing in Grade 1, now students are ready to start working on their own Documents. Typing skill will help them with a variety of assignments and also gives them a new platform to express themselves digitally. Our aim is to make them comfortable with typing of both languages, English and Urdu, so that they can work on assignments of both subjects with ease.


Google Slides: Presentation and communication skills are very important aspect of today's world. Students will be introduced to basic skills of making presentations and they will be taught the best practices of presentation. 


Basics to CODE (Sequencing):  Critical Thinking is one of the most important and required skill of 21st century. Students are encouraged to think logically and find solutions to problems. Coding enables students to think on the lines of logic and hence we will be using second quarter this year to enhance their critical thinking skills through 

We will start of with the initial concept of sequencing take it from there to higher levels in coming grades. 

PowToon: The world is full of videos now a days, education, entertainment, information, everything is visualised with motion graphics. The students learn how short video clips are edited and simple videos are made effective using a very simple to use tool, PowToon. 

FLIP ANIM: To end our difficult year of staying at home, our students will be introduced to a fun online toll where they will learn about animations and fun ways of expressing themselves.