Class 5

Monthly Agenda 2021-22

Our Agenda Timeline for Class 5 is as follows:

ICT Fundamentals - Viruses and Antiviruses:  Students need to learn about potentially harmful software and utilities and about how to keep the devices and data safe. The harmful packages are called Viruses and the utilities which help you keep the device and the data safe are called antiviruses.

Google Sheets: Having covered Google Docs and Google Slides in previous grade, the students will be introduced to Google Sheets to give them an idea about how data entry and data analysis works. Basic knowledge of how to enter data in rows and columns and apply simple arithmetic operations will be taught. This will enable our students to work with cluster of data easily and efficiently.

Keep Calms: Students love to see their creative designs on different products like t-Shirts, mugs and other objects, and keep calms provides this in a very simple and easy step. The Bravians practice their creative designing skills and see how they look like on different souvenirs and products, virtually using Keep Calms.

SCRATCH: A game development software that involves students to think logically and develop fun and meaningful games will be introduced to students by the start of second term. Scratch is also basis of our Lego Robotics programming and hence, will open new horizons of fun and learning. By the end of the course, we are hopeful that our students will enjoy developing and creating games on their own.

Story Jumper: Story books are a great way to enhance the students' creativity both in writing and designing the storyboard, two very high in demand skills for the future. Story Jumper teaches these skills in a very simple and easy manner.

Clip Champ: Grade V students continue to learn video editing, this time with a new tool, Clip Champ, which is an easy to use and handy for youngsters.

Canva: To create beautiful graphics, title pages, posters and pages of the stories, books or infographics, Canva is a great and easy to use tool.