Monday, 18 January 2021

Greeting Cards

 Although greeting cards are outdated in the physical world but they are very much still in use in the digital world. Our little creators of grade 1 and 2 created greeting cards in Google Docs. Some of the best are shown as follows:

After exploring the basics of adding text and adding images in Google Docs, our Grade 3 students climbed another stair and worked on a rather difficult platform i.e. Sketch pad. Sketch pad provides different tools which let students enhance their creativity. Have a look at grade 3 students' work below:

Friday, 6 November 2020

Digital Citizenship

 With the new normal in place, students are using the internet service much more than ever before. Therefore, it is very important for them to understand the importance of being a responsible digital citizen. As an an educational institution, it is our utmost responsibility to make our students aware of the fact that internet has its side effects as much as it is useful for us. 

With the start of this new session, we made sure to discuss this topic with our students in detail. As our counterpart, we would also request you as parents to talk to your children about Dos and Don'ts of staying online.


Game Design and Development using Scratch

Our students of Grade 7 were introduced to Programming using Scratch last year where they explored the basics of programming using blocks which contain code snippets. They learnt how blocks and sequences work and then, this year, they moved on to the next level and designed simple games all by themselves. We are proud of our students for grasping the concept and putting in their own perspective as and when required.

Below are few of the projects which show their creativity combined with logical programming in different scenarios:

Meher Ali - 7 Maroon

Hania Ahmed - 7 Green

Abdus Salam - 7 Blue

Aleena Majid - 7 Green

Kanza Hamid - 7 Orange

Mahroz Riaz - 7 Purple

Presentation Skills

There our many ways a piece of information can be presented and every way is unique for every presenter. Students of Grade 3 and 4 worked on their presentation skills using Google Slides where they designed beautiful slides on the topics from their textbooks. Same tool is taught at both levels but the the difficulty level is changed according to their age-groups.

Following are a few pieces collected from the work submitted by our students. Click on the thumbnails to see their work.


Grade 4


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 Typing was not given enough focus before the E-Learning bestowed upon us. But now it is an inevitable part of our students' learning needs and therefore, we have given it a lot of importance and practice at the start of this session.

Students learnt about how keyboard layout is designed and practised to type efficiently.

We emphasise that students should learn how to type both in English and in Urdu. With the future of education shifting towards E-Learning, students will need these skills as much as they need handwriting skills right now.

We recommend that you encourage your kids to practice typing as much as possible. Click Here to practice typing from scratch or at whatever level the child is currently at.

Our students practising in MS Word!

Thursday, 24 September 2020

ICT Monthly Agenda

 ICT Corner by BTSC: The Fourth R ® Program - Monthly Agenda

ICT program at Bahria Town School and College in collaboration with The Fourth R® has been designed in a way that it builds and strengthens the ICT Skills of the Bravians according to their age groups and levels. We can proudly say that the Bravians had little to no issues switching to our E-learning Program when we were hit by the Pandemic in March this year. They had all the skills to navigate their way through the online classes and assignments and did very well. 


For session 2020-21, ICT Classes are part of our E-Learning program and hence, we have made the required changes to suit the needs and to further enhance the learning experience of our students.


Monthly breakdown of ICT agenda for session 2020 - 21 is uploaded. You can view the detailed agenda by clicking below:

Thursday, 27 February 2020

Students' Projects - First Term Session 2020

In their first term, students at all levels were introduced to different software. Our little champs of grade 1 and 2 worked on KidPix 3D where they designed scenes using library resources. Grade 3 worked in MS Word and produced amazing write ups which is further beautified by using pictures. The creativity of our students with shapes is commendable. Grade 5 being the senior most class at their wing took up the designing challenge in MS Publisher and work through animal fact sheets, flyers and bookmarks. The students of 6 and 7 grade worked on spreadsheets using MS Excel and completed their projects.

Here are some of the selected projects from First Term.